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Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ZAMCELCO)

  • Engr. Edgardo F. Ancheta ,CE

OIC-General Manager

Contact Number: 09173221793

Email Address: 


Zamboanga del Sur I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ZAMSURECO I)

  • Mr. Jose Raul A. Saniel

General Manager

Email Address:

Contact Number: 09189249343

  • Ronald M. De Guzman

TSD Manager

Contact Number: 09359209682

  • Mr. Nahwi M. Kimpa

FSD Manager

Contact Number: 09271542442


Zamboanga del Sur II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ZAMSURECO II)

  • Engr. Herman B. Agpawa, Jr.

General Manager

Email Address:

Contact Number: 09369222029

  • Tony S. Abani

Technical Services Unit, Acting Head

  • Janina A. Ibba

Finance Head

Contact Number: 09554097601

  • Ms. Nharhar Dammang 



Zamboanga del Norte Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ZANECO)

  • Mr. Adelmo P. Laput,CPA

General Manager

Email Address:

  • Cristino B. Larios

TSD Manager

Contact Number: 0999 3942583

  • Gina G. Portabes

FSD Manager (OIC)

Contact Number: 0930 8688205 / 0906 9661771



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